blood test

Diabetes. I’ve had it. While I was pregnant, I used insulin to control my blood sugar. Diet alone wasn’t enough. I don’t want diabetes again.

Now, 17 years after being dependent on insulin. I’m trying (again) to control my blood sugar and shrink my waistline. I feel frustrated at the slow weight gain I experience when I eat “normally”. And I don’t like the cravings I suffer when I eat foods containing sugar or wheat.  I am coming to accept that some foods act differently on my body than others. I have a “thrifty” genotype.

Going sugar-free and reducing my weight (read, body fat) will help me reduce the risk of burning out my beta cells.

I would like to form an accountability group focused on the 21-day Sugar Detox principles, blood sugar management through limiting carbohydrate consumption, and weight loss.   Are you interested? Please let me know!

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