If you want to reach your goal quickly and easily, keep a food journal. If you don’t adopt this foundation skill, you cannot complain about the results you’re getting (or not getting). Your food journal is your roadmap to success.

This foundation skill has two parts: 1) plan ahead 2) record what you eat.

First, plan the next day’s meals. What are you going to eat? How much? When? Where? Do you have these foods on hand?

Planning ahead conserves your will-power. If you have a plan, you just need to stick to it, instead of constantly making decisions.

Then, at each meal, record what you eat. Include useful details like the portion size and your mood.  This information will help you to review your results and adjust.

My favorite: Moleskine pocket notebooks with ruled pages.  I like the pocket-sized notebook because it’s easy to carry with me.