Some diet plans recommend “intuitive eating” (also known as eating until you’re satisfied). Or they suggest a “ballpark” measurement system: filling your plate by guessing at the portions.  These methods caused me nothing but frustration.

My brain does not register “stop” or “satisfied” when I eat sugary food. Instead, it tells me, “More.”

And when I’m in the habit of overeating, my stomach accepts demands larger portion sizes. So I continue to eat too much.

I have found it easier to weigh and measure portions. This gives me confidence that I’m eating enough and not too much. Plus, by collecting information about what and how much I’m eating (See Foundation Skill 1: write it down!,  I can look at my  results (output) and decide whether I need to adjust my daily menu (input). Measuring my portions takes the guess-work out of the equation.

Recommendations:  Food Scale  and Measuring Cups.  Consider picking up these kitchen tools at a thrift-store!