Last year, I approached New Years in pain. I had (again) failed in my weight loss goal and was heavier than ever. I joined a program that taught complete abstinence based on a sugar-addiction model. Two fundamental program rules required participants to plan their meals in advance and weigh and measure every meal. This program was a spectacular failure for me. I weighed-and-measured and stuck to the food plan. But I did not lose weight. Many, many others lost a lot of weight following the plan. I did not. I felt like a failure. I felt discouraged and hopeless. Without seeing the results I wanted, I had little motivation to follow the rigid rules.
What I discovered was that the food plan did not treat insulin resistance effectively for me. The plan featured daily servings of grain and fruit, which my body turns into fat. Luckily, I found Dr. Jason Fung’s book on obesity and I tried his approach. I easily lost 10 pounds in one month. I have continued to follow his approach through the holidays. I understand now why some foods will cause me to store water and fat; others don’t.
Rather than struggling through the holidays, I enjoyed all my choices. On the scale, my weight went up a few pounds. It is no big deal as I will return to my routine of intermittent fasting in January.
Although I enjoyed some cookies and cake and some stuffing with the turkey, I saw immediately that my skin to broke out and I experienced swollen joints. Even so, I feel pleased with my choices this year. I had no guilt or struggle. Just a holiday meal with my family. No worry, no self-criticism, no obsession with weighing and measuring my food or myself. I have learned how my body works and I trust myself completely.
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